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The Best Way to Clean Area Rugs in Albuquerque without damage, loss of color or shrinkage.

You’ve invested the time to find the perfect area rugs for your family room, dining room and hallways, so don’t take the chance of ruining them with a DYI inexpensive rental machine. High end area rugs are made from cotton foundations and the fibers are hand-tied with silk, wool and or cotton yarns. Fading or bleeding of colors and shrinkage or rippling can occur if you don’t hire a professional carpet clean company with years of experience to properly clean your area rugs.

A professional carpet cleaning service will begin by inspecting each rug to determine the best way to individually clean the carpets. Once that is established, as much of the dry soil as possible is removed. This is something that can’t be done with a household vacuum cleaner. ThoroClean is one of the only firms in the southwest to use a rug vibrating systems. They use this vibrating machine to carefully loosen deep down dirt out of both the front and backing of your rug, repeating the step several times. Wool fibers can hold pounds of dander, mites, grit and bacteria causing germs.

Next, all rugs are dye tested for color stability. Most fibers are dyed using a Mordant Process, which is a chemical reaction that binds the dye to the fiber. Every handmade rug is unique as are the dyes in each rug. These dyes can be man-made, natural or a combination of both. It is crucial that each rug be individually dye tested before the cleaning process begins.

The water cleaning process takes place underwater, depending on the individual rug. For thousands of years rugs have been taken to rivers and lakes. This total submersion process breaks down and flushes out all the impurities, and any remaining deep down dirt and dust that are trapped in the rug’s fibers and foundation.

To dry your area rugs, they will either be laid flat, face down or up, or hung in a drying chamber where the humidity and temperature is controlled and monitored.

The final step for cleaning your area rug is hand grooming. The entire rug is brushed to encourage the pile to lay smooth. The fringe is hand washed and brushed.

Now your area rugs are once again clean and ready to add warmth or brighten up the rooms in your home.

If your area rugs are in high traffic area it is recommended to have them cleaned every 12 to 18 months.


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