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Carpet cleaning in restaurants in Albuquerque – just how important is it?

Carpet cleaning for restaurants is a little different from commercial or small business carpet care. Restaurants get a huge amount of foot traffic on top of the fact that you are dealing with food and drink spillage on a daily bases. And let’s face it, most of the food dropped is oil or grease based and the drinks are everything from red wine to grape juice to sticky sodas. There isn’t time to stop and clean up the mess like you would at home. It’s no wonder the carpets are quickly soiled and can become a tad stinky.

Restaurant Carpets Cleaned professionally by ThorocleanDIY carpet cleaning machines just don’t cut it where restaurant stains and spills are the biggest issues. Tap water and soap won’t break down the grease stains. Plus, rental machines can leave carpets wet. Damp carpets are a breeding ground for bacteria with heavy food spills. You think you had an order problem before you cleaned your restaurant carpet?

To professionally clean restaurant carpets you need the steam carpet cleaning method recommended by carpet manufacturers, with a powerful 240 degrees that goes deep down to the base of the fibers to remove even the heaviest soil. Many professional carpet companies use a pre-treat for really soiled areas, natural products that are environmentally friendly and special enzymes to kill bacteria and odors.

Once you’ve had your restaurant carpets professionally cleaned, it’s a good idea to place mats in high trafficked areas, especially where waiters are coming in and out of the kitchen or bar area. Vacuum daily to keep any food from being ground into the carpet. It won’t pull out the stains but it will keep carpet fibers from getting overly damaged.

It is essential for your business to keep your restaurant carpets clean and smelling fresh. That is one of the first things people notice when they enter an establishment. Who wants to eat at a place that smells bad or has disgusting food stains everywhere?

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