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Clean carpets in Albuquerque without harsh toxic chemicals.

WeBaby on a carpet all want our homes to be sparkling clean and free of odors and germs. But in our quest to do so we are continually covering household surfaces, including our floors and carpets, with harmful toxins and chemicals.

9 out of 10 homes have 25 to 30 toxic plastic bottles of chemicals under their sinks and in their cabinets. We assume they are safe but have you really read the labels? They warn us to wear gloves, avoid contact with eyes and skin, and not to get our noses too close.

Still, we expose ourselves to them daily — from the phthalates (chemicals in plastic that make it more flexible and harder to break) to oven cleaners and carpet detergents. Some of these ingredients in common household cleaners have been linked to asthma, hormone disruption, cancer and neurotoxicity.

Children are particularly susceptible because their immune systems are not fully developed until they are 8 or 9. They do not have the capabilities to eliminate toxins from their growing bodies like an adult does. Harsh chemicals can cause long, lasting damage.

In the last 10 or so years natural cleaning products have rapidly gained in popularity. Many people are choosing family-safe products over harsh, toxic chemicals.

Even professional carpet cleaning companies are going “green”. Thoroclean’s certified technicians use the powerful truck mounted steam cleaning method recommended by carpet manufacturers. They clean deep down to the base of the fibers to remove even the heaviest soil and grime. In addition, their skilled technicians use the best family-safe cleaning agents available to remove tough odors and stains. Carpets are then rinsed clean and dried in half the time, all at a price you deserve.

When searching for a reliable carpet cleaning company ask which cleaning chemicals they use. Harsh chemicals can contain ingredients found to be potentially toxic and dangerous to the health. Imagine what these toxins can do to your children or pets?

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