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Dog hair in your carpet and how to de-shed it.

If you have a dog, you have dog hair in your carpet. Every time Big Red, rolls, stands, shakes, lies down or prances about the house, hair flies. Some dog hair is light and fluffy, like a Golden’s, others, like a Shepard’s , can be coarse.

Downy or thick it doesn’t matter, once it’s in the carpet, it’s extremely hard to get out.

Service Dog GOOSEVacuuming on a regular basis will help with buildup but it never removes all the hair. The hair that becomes embedded in the fibers can by almost impossible to remove. I know, I volunteer for an organization that trains Service Dogs. We work with several different breeds from puppies to 2 years old and never have less than 2 dogs in our home on any given day.

In the last year I found a few techniques to help keep my carpet fibers from looking like doggie hair fibers.
Sponge mops can be your best friend besides the four legged ones. Take a clean sponge mop and spray it lightly with water. Mop, yes, just like you would a wood floor. The hair will begin to clump. You can pick up the big gobs with your fingers and then vacuum the rest.

Or try 3 parts water to one part fabric softener in a spray bottle. Lightly mist your carpet and allow the mixture to dry. The fabric softener will loosen pet hair from the fibers. Your vacuum can do the rest.

Another trick is carpet combing. A rubber comb is the secret ingredient for this technique. Walmart sells them for around $12.00.

The hair sticks to the rubber and pulls out of the fibers quite effectively.

Other items we’ve found useful are squeegees, grooming gloves and rubber brooms. It just depends on the thickness of your carpet. For me it was trial and area between my throw rugs and my thicker bedroom carpeting. The carpet comb worked better in the bedroom and the mop worked great on the area rugs.

Once you have removed the majority of the hair from your carpet start being proactive. Spend the time to vacuum at least every other day so that the shedding hair doesn’t have time to get trampled into the fibers. If so you are going to be right back where you started.

Brush your dog as regularly as you vacuum. It’s good for their coats and your carpets. The less hair to shed, the less hair to get stuck in your carpet fibers.

Start when your dog is a puppy and use the “settle” command so that they stand still for grooming. Before you know it, as soon as you pick up a brush, they are stretched out on the floor just waiting to be pampered.

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