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Water damage is the most common reason Americans file a claim on their homeowners insurance.

It can be gradual, like a roof leak that leaves a spot on your ceiling over time, or dramatic, like a broken pipe flooding your home, but either way it is destructive and costly. Steel rusts, plywood de-laminates, and drywall turns to mush. When you’re facing catastrophic water damage from flooding in your home, you need professional help as quickly as possible. At Thoroclean, we’re on call 24/7 for your emergency water extraction needs.

If you have a water damage emergency:

  • Shut off the water source if possible. It’s critical you minimize the amount of water, even if it means shutting off water to your entire home or business.
  • Be aware of electricity. Shut off the power to your home or business if you have any reason to suspect there may be danger. Also keep an eye out for and avoid any sagging ceilings.
  • Call Thoroclean for emergency water extraction services. It’s critical we get on site as quickly as possible to we can vacuum or pump out the water and stop the damage progressing.

After the standing water is removed, we use a process called convectant drying to remove the water from your home’s surfaces. Convectant drying involves the control of air exchange, heat, and vapor pressure to create an environment optimum for evaporation. Convectant drying is far more effective than the refrigerant and desiccant dehumidifier drying techniques it replaced. Flooded carpet can typically be salvaged, although in severe cases and those involving sewage it will have to be replaced.

After your space is dry, we will apply an anti-microbial agent to help prevent mold growth. Lastly, we’ll monitor the moisture content of any problem areas to ensure you can move past your water damage emergency with peace of mind.