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When we come out to perform carpet cleaning, Albuquerque homeowners tend to have questions. One of the things we get asked about often is how to repair dents and damage that occurs from heavy furniture being placed on the carpet for long periods of time. 

Prevent Dents Before they Happen 

If you are ordering or moving a heavy piece of furniture into a room that has carpeting, you can take steps to prevent damage or dents from happening. 

Rearrange Your Furniture Often 

When you rearrange your furniture every three to four months, you reduce the amount of time heavy pieces of furniture are in one place, which helps to reduce the damage to your carpet and carpet padding. If you schedule a regular carpet cleaning, Albuquerque residents often find that it’s a perfect time to rearrange the room, since dents can usually be removed. 

Distribute the Weight 

If you are able to inconspicuously place furniture sliders or a piece of plywood under a large heavy item of furniture, you will help to distribute the weight to help protect your carpet, and prevent dents and damage to your carpet. 

DIY Fixes

If you cannot afford professional carpet cleaning to fix a dent or damage, you can try using an ice cube to help fix dents in your carpet. Simply place an ice cube or two on the dent, and allow them to melt. Then, use a towel to absorb the water, and gently fluff up the fibers. Alternatively, you can use a spray bottle with water to dampen the area, followed by a hair dryer to fluff and dry the fibers. 

Professional Carpet Cleaning Albuquerque

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