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How to prevent dryer vent fires in Albuquerque before the spark.

Anyone who has suffered a house fire knows how devastating it can be. Not only can you lose your home, but important papers, valuable possessions, treasured pets and How to prevent dryer vent firesloved ones. No one ever wants to be the victim of a fire.

Not all, but some house fires can be prevented. A good example are dryer vent fires. Though you don’t hear much about them in the news, every year almost 3,000 fires result from clogged dryer vents. Most occur during the fall and winter months and in several cases could have been easily avoided by having an annual check and/or cleaning from a professional company.

And don’t think because you religiously clean out the lint screen after each dryer load that you are doing your part. In actuality, you are only removing 25% of the lint. The remaining 75% goes into your dryer vent and attaches itself to the walls of the hose and builds up and builds up.

Warning signs that your vents are clogged and ready to spark-

  • Your clothes take longer to dry than normal.
  • Your dryer gets too hot and damages your clothes.
  • When your dryer is running, you can’t see steam or hear any noise at the outside vent.

Watching for these signs and taking immediate action to properly clean your vents will significantly reduce the risk of a dryer vent fire.

There are DYI dryer vent cleaning kits, but when it comes to your family’s safety it’s best to have a trained technician to do this important job for you.  Albuquerque ThoroClean is Certified and trained, using the latest standards by the NADCA (National Air Duct cleaners Association.) in Air Duct Cleaning and Dryer Vent Cleaning.

Thoroclean will have your dryer vent cleaned in a snap and your clothes will dry faster which means you will use less energy and your dryer will live a longer and happier life.

Having this simple, but vital service performed at least once a year can prevent disaster.


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