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Moving? Get life in your new home off to the right start

It’s common for those selling or renting out a home to have the carpet cleaned. This one simple step adds appeal to a property, plus the new tenants or owners will feel like the space is freshly prepared for them. However, when moving, you should consider cleaning more than just the carpets. What about air duct cleaning?

Many people never think to have their air ducts cleaned, and if you’re not the first occupant of your new home, there may be a nasty accumulation of dust, pet hair, and even mold lurking inside your ducts. It is particularly important that you are aware of any mold in your duct system. An air duct cleaning will locate and remove any existing mold, but it will also allow you to diagnose the cause of mold and prevent it from recurring in the future. If not treated, mold can threaten the health of your family, and the first step to addressing the problem is knowing it’s there.

Air duct cleaning prolongs the life of your heating system.

Most heating failures are due to accumulation of debris in the system. What’s more, the improvement in airflow from air duct cleaning will lessen the burdeMoving is the perfect time for an air duct cleaningn on your system.

Another time to consider air duct cleaning is after you complete a renovation or home improvement project. This will allow you to remove any sawdust, powdered drywall, or other construction debris that may have accumulated in your ducts.

During a move is also the perfect time to have upholstered furniture and area rugs cleaned. You’re going to be moving them around anyway, so why not have them cleaned while you’re at it? This will give your new home a fresh feeling all over.

Whether you are preparing your home or rental property for sale or lease, or moving into a new home, make your space as clean and pleasant as it can be with help from Thoroclean.