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Why you Need Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning

If you’ve ever tried to scrub stubborn stains out of your tile and grout, then you know what an arduous process it can be. Why is that? The answer in in the pores. Grout is very porous, and once dirt gets into those pores, it is very difficult to remove with household cleaning products. Even tile is porous, to varying degrees depending on the type of tile in your home.

So, what are your options for a deeper cleaning of your home’s tile? A quick google search and you’ll see a variety of cleaning devices advertised for sale or rent. You may have seen them at the tool rental area of your local hardware store. While it’s true that you’re likely better off with one of these machines than with a rag on your hands and knees, ask yourself this question — what’s going to a better job, a single machine you have to rent, pay a deposit on, and use yourself with no experience, or a van filled with specialized equipment and sophisticated cleaning chemicals used by an experienced professional?

At Thoroclean, we use an emulsifier to loosen dirt trapped deep in the pores of your tile and grout. Then, we use a state-of-the art mechanical agitator to lift and wipe away that grime and leave your tile clean and polished. Last, we apply a sealant to the surface of the tile to prevent dirt from entering the pores after the cleaning. The sealant will make your regular at home cleanings with a broom or mop much more effective.

Don’t spend your money and time on a frustrating process that will only end in sub-par results. Let the experts and Thoroclean handle your tile and grout cleaning give your tile back its just-like-new shine. Give us a call today.