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Upholstery Cleaning Services from Albuquerque Thoroclean

We all know that life takes its toll on our furniture. Whether it’s stains from pets, kids, wine, coffee, or TV dinners, there’s a good chance that sofa, chair, or love seat just doesn’t look as good as it did on the showroom floor. Maybe you’ve tried upholstery cleaning with vinegar or a product from the grocery store, only to be disappointed with the results. Not to worry, Thoroclean has the equipment, techniques, and experience to get all of your upholstered furniture back to its factory-fresh shine!

The key to a proper upholstery cleaning is in the details.

First, our skilled technicians will identify the fiber type of your furniture in order to select the strongest possible cleaning methods without risking damage. Next, we’ll check the die for color-fastness, to make sure we’re not going to wash the color away with the dirt. Then we’ll apply a pre-soak to lift tough stains from the fibers of your furniture. Next up is a rinse and extraction to blast away the stains and remove the pre-soak chemicals. If there are any stains left behind, we’ll apply an appropriate spot treatment. Finally, we use an extra drying stroke, so that your furniture will be ready for use again as quickly as possible.

We also offer a Scotchgard (TM) sealant. If you’d like, we’ll apply it as a final step. It will make any future spills easier to clean up. It will also prevent stains from seeping deep into your fabric, making your next upholstery cleaning more effective.

Upholstery cleaning from Albuquerque Thoroclean will not only get your furniture back to looking its best, it will make it last longer, too! Give us a call today to schedule your upholstery cleaning — you’ll love the results, we guarantee it!