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Tile and grout cleaning that always leaves you and your floors sparkling.

One of the biggest battles is keeping the tile and grout on your floors and counter tops looking clean. No matter how hard you scrub this week, next week your grout will look dingy, the tile dull and then there you are again, braking your back scrubbing and bleaching. Do you really want to be on your hands and knees with a toothbrush? No! Read on…

Has your grout been sealed?

Sealants are meant to keep dirt out of the porous grout. Some cleaning solutions can damage the sealants on the grout lines. The result is grout that gets dirtier faster. Unless you specifically ask, most tile installers do not seal grout after installation. Without anything to protect the grout it acts like a magnet to dirt and can let water seep in which breeds black mold.

It is recommended to have your tile and grout professionally and sealed to protect it from stains and water. ThoroClean, uses Scotchgard by 3M. Scotchgard soaks deep into the pores, sealing them from dirt, grime and grease, extending the life and making cleaning a snap.

The type of flooring or counter tops can make a difference?

If your floors are made from travertine (a form of limestone) or natural stone you will have more of a dirt problem. Both of these material are extremely porous and tend to soak up dirt like a sponge. Harder tiles like porcelain are more resistant to stains, but can still form a dirt build-up.

Only use grout and tile products and never a harsh chemical to clean your floors or counter tops. Rinse well with water.

How often should you have your floors professionally cleaned?

The easiest way to determine how often you need your tile and grout cleaned is to pay close attention to how you want it to look. When you begin to notice discoloration or unsightly stains, it is time for a professional cleaning. A good rule of thumb, is to have your tile and grout cleaned at least once a year.

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