Top Methods on How to Remove Urine Stains and Grease Stains in Carpet

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Removing urine and grease stains from a carpet could look challenging. Even though some of the household items such as hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and white vinegar offer some help, they might not be able to deliver the best results at all times. This is why we thought of sharing the most effective approaches on how to remove urine and grease stains.

Removing urine stains from a carpet

If you have a pet at home, you will often come across the need to remove urine stains from the carpet. When a pet urinates on the carpet, you might feel like using the steam cleaner. This is not the right way to proceed. That’s because heat coming out from the steam cleaner can get the stain to set.

  • Blot and absorb

You need to use a piece of dry cloth or paper towels and soak the stain as much as possible. Make sure to press it firmly into the stain to absorb most urine. You may have to use multiple paper towels or clothes for it.

  • Cleaning the stain

Prepare the cleaning solution by adding cold water and white vinegar in equal amounts. You can then pour the solution into the stain and saturate it. Get a scrubbing brush and scrub it vigorously as well. Make sure to allow the cleaning solution to sit on the stain for around 10 minutes. Then you can allow white vinegar to neutralize ammonia found in urine. Then you can add some baking soda on top of it.

  • Drying

After baking soda absorbs excessive moisture, you may vacuum it. If moisture still remains, you can use a piece of dry cloth and absorb it.

Removing oil or grease stains from a carpet

Grease or oil stains can happen due to peanut butter, mayonnaise, or hamburger grease. You need to attend to these stains right away. Otherwise, they can properly settle in the fibers of your carpet and make it difficult to remove.

  • Removing excessing oil or grease

As soon as the stain happens, you need to remove excessive oil or grease. You can do this with a butter knife. All you have to do is to scrape it gently. Make sure that you don’t let the stain push deep into the carpet.

  • Cleaning the stain

You can sprinkle some baking soda or cornstarch on top of the stain. Then you need to wait for 5 minutes, until it absorbs the stain. After that, you may use a brush with soft bristles to absorb the stains. Allow the powder to stay there for 15 more minutes and vacuum it.

Next, you need to create a cleaning solution by mixing a tablespoon of dishwashing detergent within two cups of warm water. You can use the same brush to apply this cleaning solution on the carpet and brush it. Make sure to repeat this process until you remove the entire stain.

  • Rinse and dry

As the last step, you can use a wet cloth to get rid of residue. You need to pat the stain with a wet/dry vacuum cleaner or a piece of clean cloth.