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Win the battle on dirt carpet with professional carpet cleaning

We all love the way carpet looks and feels in our homes. It adds a warm, homey quality to our spaces. However, the benefits of carpet come with some hefty inherent drawbacks. Carpet is harder to clean, holds dirt worse, and is more easily damaged than most hard floor surfaces. So, how can we keep our beloved carpets looking and performing their best? Well, professional carpet cleaning is a great place to start, and has many benefits for our rug-floored rooms. Let’s take a look at a few:

Benefits of professional carpet cleaning

A deeper clean

While regular vacuuming and spot cleaning are important to keep your carpet at its best, these types of treatments only penetrate the top most layer of the carpet. Dirt, allergens, and more remain trapped deep in the fibers of the carpet even after the most thorough vacuuming. Over time, this deeply planted dirt will grind away at the fibers of your carpet as humans and animals walk over it, and eventually this grinding action will destroy your carpet.

Better air quality

Everyone knows that carpet traps allergens like pollen and animal dander which get released both from traffic on the carpet and from vacuuming, exacerbating allergies. But many people don’t know that carpet can become a breeding ground for a dust mite infestation, especially in the dusty southwest. These microscopic creatures feed on dead skin flakes from humans and animals, as well as on some types of mold. While the mites themselves are generally harmless, they posses potent digestive enzymes in their gut which they pass on to their feces. These enzymes cause acute allergic reactions in some people. Although vacuuming does nothing to dust mites, the steam cleaning method used by pros like Thoroclean produces temperatures too high for the mites to survive.

Check back soon for What Professional Carpet Cleaning can do for You and Your Home, part 2. In the meantime, check out our page on carpet cleaning.