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Air Duct Cleaning Step-By-Step Process

Air duct cleaning is an essential cleaning service that should be performed on your house to ensure the thorough cleaning of your heating and cooling system and good quality air within the home. Cleaning your duct system is part of having your air ducts cleaned by ThoroClean, who are trained professionals in the field of air duct cleaning. Therefore, cleaning air ducts is not a chore that a do-it-yourselfer should attempt since you can always hire professional air duct cleaners with specialized instruments to assist you with this taxing operation. And if you’re like most homeowners, you’re undoubtedly curious about the specific step-by-step operations your duct cleaner goes through.

Air Duct Cleaning Four-Step Process

Step One: A Thorough Inspection of The Ducts

Before beginning the cleaning procedure, your technician should perform an initial inspection of the supply and return registers. Please take this as an indication that they can do their job. Before beginning the cleaning process, this stage allows the expert to assess the buildup, decide whether there are indications that your central air ducts require cleaning, and check for leaks and other concerns that need care.

Take note that the ineffectiveness of your HVAC system might be attributed to leaks in the air ducts. Make it a point to seek the assistance of a specialist who is knowledgeable in the process of repairing and replacing ductwork.

Step Two: Use Negative Pressure Vacuum

Negative pressure production is an efficient method for cleaning your ductwork, ensuring that you will not breathe in contaminated air while inside.

The following is a list of the processes involved in the process of cleaning air ducts using negative pressure:

  • The hose of the vacuum collecting device is attached to a duct located relatively near the air handler.
  • The contractor for cleaning will need open the duct, insert the vacuum hose, and then carefully close the opening.
  • The next thing to do is to put a cap on the registers.
  • Start the vacuum machine so that there is a decrease in pressure.

Negative Pressure Vacuum

We strongly advise closing any air supply registers to achieve maximum negative pressure. After that, the vacuum will be switched on, and the cleaning process will begin with a single duct at a time. Check out the post we just made about it. It is essential to carefully conduct an in-depth cleaning on both the supply and return sides. If you were to ask yourself, how many air vents for returns do you require?

Step Three: Agitating and Scrubbing the Ducts

Scrubbing away the cobwebs, caked on dirt, and hardened dust, is the third step. As they move through each step of the air duct cleaning process, the specialist you hire will clean the ducts using powerful vacuum equipment.

Problem with settled dust?

There is no need for you to be concerned since your expert is armed with string instruments, such as a rotating brush and air whipping tools, which will agitate the movement of any accumulated dust. It is expected that the return vents and supply-side ducts will be cleaned. You can also anticipate that the air duct contractor will remove accumulated dust from the main lines, making vacuuming more effective.

Step Four: Clean the HVAC System and The Furnace

After the ducts and vents in your HVAC system have been cleaned, it is essential to do a system evaluation. It is important to note that the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) recommends cleaning all the components of the HVAC system. This includes the blower motor, drain pan, and evaporator coil. The cleanliness of these components is a factor in enhancing the quality of the air flowing around your house. In addition, once they have finished cleaning the system, your technician should put away their tools and clean up after themselves. For instance, they need to ensure that the rooms are not dirtier than when they first entered the building. A reputable technician who works on air ducts would be happy to show you around their workplace so that you can evaluate the level of service they provide.

What to look for when hiring a reputable air duct cleaner

You’ve undoubtedly had the bad experience of cleaning the air ducts in your home, and the results may not have met your expectations.

The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) created a standard air duct cleaning procedure as a reaction to the frequent unhappy experiences of homeowners.

When looking to hire a professional duct cleaning, it is important to check for the following qualities:

  • Proven competence and understanding in employing the appropriate procedures for ducting.
  • Utilize equipment that is specific to duct cleaning and is both safe and effective.
  • It is helpful to check for online reviews of the job they have done in the past.

In general, our skilled duct cleaners will ensure that the ducting is done effectively. They spend sufficient time on each register to achieve the aim of maximizing the effectiveness and longevity of your HVAC system.

Trust us to clean your air ducts.

When you start working with us, you’ll realize why our customers like to stick with us for the long haul. To fully benefit from having your air ducts cleaned and guarantee that the air you breathe inside is as clean as it can be, we provide outstanding quality service on every duct cleaning job we do.

Trust ThoroClean to clean your Albuquerque air ducts

When you work with us, you’ll understand why our clients become lifelong customers. We provide exceptional Albuquerque air duct cleaning service to ensure that the indoor air you breathe is the purest as possible and enjoy all the benefits of air duct cleaning.

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