Carpet Cleaning and the New Pet Owner in Albuquerque

Carpet Cleaning and the New Pet Owner in AlbuquerqueThoroclean has been dedicated to helping families in Albuquerque maintain a happy and healthy home with professional carpet cleaning since 1996, especially for the first time pet owner.

If you are looking to bring home your first furry friend, reach out to your local shelter to adopt a stray cat or dog. It will not only change your life but the life of that one animal.

And understand, that whether this is your first time as a pet owner, or you have grown up with a houseful of cats and dogs, there are going to be messes and accidents.

Thoroclean is proud that they can provide a superior deep cleaning for your carpets and upholstery to eliminate odors and stains caused from puppy poo and urine.

Pet urine will not only stain your carpet but can emit ammonia particles that are extremely pungent and known to cause respiratory issues. Untreated urine can also form bacteria and bring about health problems. Finding a viable solution to fully eliminate odors and the bacteria deep in the fibers can not only be a challenge but can ruin your carpets and furniture. Let the professionals handle this!

Thoroclean’s certified Technicians use the powerful Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning method recommended by carpet manufacturers. They clean deep down to the base of the fibers to remove even the heaviest soil. In addition, their skilled, friendly technicians use the best family-safe cleaning agents available to remove even the toughest stains. Carpets are then rinsed clean and dried in half the time, all at a price you deserve.

A few other tips –

Pay attention to the health of your pet. Vomiting, runny poo or having an accident in the house when you’re your pet is trained can be a sign something is wrong. If these conditions persist for more than a few hours, get your furry friend checked out by your vet.

Don’t feed your pets outside. This can attract ants and other unwanted bugs and critters.

Make sure your pet always has fresh water.

Clean out their water and food bowls regularly to avoid bacteria growth.

Thoroclean can make it possible for families to welcome new pets into their homes. You as a home owner can feel secure in knowing they can resolve unwanted pet accidents.

Remember, it’s not clean until it’s Thoroclean.

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