Carpet Cleaning from Thoroclean – Helping Your Home Look its Best

Carpet Cleaning from Thoroclean – Helping Your Home Look its BestGet your home ready for summer fun with carpet cleaning from Thoroclean

Ah, summer. The smell of fresh cut grass is on the morning air, and burgers and dogs sizzle on backyard grills while family and friends gather. So, what else do you need to check off your list before you host the most American of summer kickoff traditions – the Independence day party? How about a carpet cleaning from Albuquerque Thoroclean?

Does your carpet have traffic lanes?

Traffic lanes are often the first sign that our carpets are getting dirty. They occur around furniture, near doorways, or in other areas where we walk frequently. If the high traffic areas of your carpet look like trails through the woods, then it’s time for carpet cleaning!

Obviously, traffic lanes on carpet are unsightly. However, the real problem goes a little deeper. When you see traffic lanes appearing in your carpet, it means that dirt is getting ground deep into the fibers of your carpet. Over time, this grinding action will cause the fibers of your carpet to break down. This leads to damage to your carpet than cannot be repaired. The longer you allow traffic lanes to persist, the greater the damage to your carpet. Vacuuming only removes the uppermost layers of dirt. The only way to clean deep into the carpet and get rid of grinding, destructive debris accumulation is with professional carpet cleaning.

Not only will professional carpet cleaning extend the life of your carpet, but it will leave you with a better looking, more presentable, healthier home!

Call Albuquerque Thoroclean today to get your carpet in tip-top shape for entertaining this summer. Also, keep in mind we do upholstery cleaning, area rug cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, and air duct cleaning – we’re a one stop shop for all your home cleaning needs!

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