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How to remove carpet odor from daily spills and mishaps.

The benefits of having a clean carpet in your home are endless. Clean carpets look better, provide a healthier environment and even wear better over time.

pet odor and stainWhat causes stinky carpets?

Particulates from dust, dirt and traffic get trapped in your carpet on a daily basis. What you smell are the carpet fibers releasing these particulates.

So, what are the best ways to remove carpet odor?

Thorocleans’ expert odor control technicians first inspect your carpet with a powerful UV light to attack the odor at its source. They follow this with powerful oxygenated enzymes that digest the odor causing proteins from pet stains and daily “ut ohs”. The protein is digested and removed from your carpet with a powerful truck mounted steam cleaning system, ensuring a clean-smelling carpet.

Now that your carpets are clean – when weather permits, throw open the windows and let in the fresh outside. Use floor or ceiling fans to help circulate the air. All that fresh air will help keep your home smelling fresh and your carpet from becoming musty.

To keep as much dirt as possible out of your carpet leave your shoes at the door. No point sharing the bottom of your shoes and whatever they may have stepped in with your nice, clean carpet.

Cover high traffic areas with throw-rugs. Place throw-rugs at the front and back door to have a spot to wipe your feet and leave your shoes when you come out of the rain, sleet, snow or pollen season.

Vacuum regularly, it is the best thing you can do for your carpet. Carpets should be vacuumed several times a week, with heavier traffic areas being vacuumed every day if possible. This can help extend the life and remove dirt, debris and mishaps which caused the odor in the first place.

A carpet tends to be the main decorating item in a room, and its cleanliness can make the difference between fresh and musty. Remember start with a professional cleaning service like Thoroclean and then follow our tips for fresh, clean smelling carpets.