Clean carpets and your health!

Clean carpets and your health!Can clean carpets make a difference in your health? Absolutely and here’s why!

I don’t know about you, but when my house is cleaned top to bottom – and I’m not talking about the last minute craziness of straightening up before guests arrive – I feel accomplished. There is just something about freshly launder bedding, dusted book shelves, glistening faucets, fluffed pillows, spic and span kitchen floors and vacuumed carpets that can help you de-stress, get some exercise and enjoy your “home time”. Peace of mind is a wonderful thing!

I for one can sure tell when I haven’t cleaned. I walk across the carpet and dust flies. All week long the kids and fluffy have been tracking in pollen, dirt, pet dander and other outside allergens. Our allergies flare and the only dwellers in the house that are happy are the bugs living in the carpet because they have a lot to feast on.

I bet you didn’t know that we shed 1 million skin cells an hour. When mixed with household dust several pounds of dirt can accumulate in carpets and on furniture over a year. When food is dropped, no matter how well the area is cleaned, there is always a minute piece left behind to grow salmonella and several other viruses. Woolly bear bugs love to eat your wool carpets or upholstery. They turn the wool into sugar – which I could do that! Other bugs like fleas and firebrats can take up residency in your carpets and live for years. Are you grossed out yet?

So, at least once a week out comes the vacuum cleaner. And at least once a year I call a professional carpet cleaning company. Taking care of your carpets can extend the life of your carpet and keep you from having to replace rugs before their time. Plus, I know even as persnickety as I am about vacuuming I can’t possible remove all the bugs, food and dirt that lay deep in my carpets. For the overall health and well being of my family I bring in the big guns.

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