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If you’re a homeowner or business owner with hardwood floors, you know all too well the challenges that come with wood floor cleaning in Albuquerque. Professional floor cleaners can help simplify this daunting process.

Cleaning Classic Hardwood Floors

Traditional hardwood floors are notoriously difficult to clean. New hardwood floors are commonly sealed with urethane, while older homes typically have a wax seal.

Hardwood is naturally vulnerable to any form of liquid. Wet or even damp mopping isn’t recommended, and always clean spills right away to prevent damage or stains. Even if the floor is sealed with urethane, the moisture can still cause damage and void your warranty.

Clean your floors only with a broom or vacuum. Use a dust mop to prevent scratches caused by dirt or debris tracked in by pets or shoes. This will also serve to buff your floors and give them a nice shine.

Cleaning Engineered and Laminate Hardwood Floors

Laminate flooring and engineered lumber are designed to give the appearance and surface texture of wood without the complications. This is by far the easiest material to clean because it isn’t technically hardwood.

All that’s required is a thorough sweep or vacuum, or a few passes with a dust mop three to five times a week. It’s usually perfectly safe to use a damp mop on these floors, but too much water could cause damage. Wet mopping, sanding, and waxing are not recommended.

Clean up any spills right away and avoid thick, soap-based products. These can leave a film on the surface and create a dingy look.

Wood Floor Cleaning, Albuquerque: Consult the Pros

Our Albuquerque wood floor cleaning service team specializes in restoring your floors to their original luster! Whether vintage or brand new, the wood floor cleaning Albuquerque pros at ABQ Thoroclean are here to help. Call now to schedule your free consultation!