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This post is the second in a series on carpet cleaning and home tidiness tips for the holidays. If you haven’t read part 1 yet, I recommend you do before continuing.

Carpet cleaning and carpet care tips (continued)

Dirt, especially silica-rich New Mexico sand, has very small but very sharp crystals in it. When these crystals become embedded deep in the rug, they cut into the fibers that form the foundation for the carpet. That’s why it looks shabbier and doesn’t stand up as well as the carpet that was underneath the chair.

So, what can we do about traffic lanes? Well, regular vacuuming is a good first step. It will remove the dust that is continuously settling out of the air onto the top layers of the rug. However, no matter how much you vacuum, some dirt will eventually settle into the deeper layers of the carpet where a household vacuum can’t reach it. The only thing that will clean out the deeper layers of the carpet is a top notch carpet cleaning by the professionals.

Another tip for reducing traffic lanes is to make sure you have good mats at every entrance to your home. The more dirt you can catch before it gets to the carpet, the less you’ll have to clean out of it with your vacuum or via carpet cleaning later.

If you’re the one hosting the big holiday party this year, you might want to consider a new front mat and a shoe rack or boot tray. This is a welcoming way to to indicate to your guests they should leave their sandy, muddy shoes in the foyer. Your carpet will thank you! If you don’t have any already, you also might want to pick up some cups with lids for any kids coming over to reduce the chances of a spill on the rug.

Check back soon for Get your home ready for the holidays with help from Albuquerque Thoroclean – Part 3. In the meantime, check out our page on carpet cleaning.