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When major carpeting repairs are needed in your home, a professional carpet cleaner Albuquerque trusts may be needed. However, you can perform minor repairs to help keep your carpeting looking its best between professional cleaning appointments.

Repair Tips for Home Carpeting in Albuquerque

The slightest damage to your carpeting can ruin the décor and character of your home. Burns and indentations made by the legs of heavy furniture draw the eyes of residents and guests.

The following are examples of ways to make minor repairs to your home’s carpeting:


Burns from cigarettes or cigars can leave marks on your carpeting. Burnt fibers from minor burns can be cut off with a pair of scissors. Carpet sections may have to be replaced for larger or multiple scars. Replacements are best left to professional Albuquerque carpet cleaning specialists.


Stray fibers may come free from the pack and stick up over time. The easiest fix for fuzzing carpet fibers is to cut any of these strays with a pair of scissors.

Furniture Indentations

The legs of heavy chairs, tables, and cabinets can leave deep dents in your carpeting. Indents can be smoothed out with club soda and carefully applying heating on the area with an iron.


Pulling at snags in your carpet can result in the unraveling of the carpet piling. Instead of tugging them or trying to rip them apart, carefully cut them off with a pair of scissors without damaging the underlying foundation.

Static Electricity

Humidity in the air often results in a jarring static electricity jolt when contact is made. Home humidifiers retain moisture in carpeting to help curb static electricity. You can also try spraying it with an anti-static agent.

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