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Grout is a sand and cement mixture used between the tile throughout your home. The porous materials can get dirty quickly, requiring regular professional tile and grout cleaning. Albuquerque company, Thoroclean, features a team of professionals that uses the safest, most advanced materials and processes to get deep inside the tile in your home.

How Does Grout Get So Dirty?

The grout between tiles in your house seems to get dirtier than the tile itself and other surfaces in your bathroom and kitchen. Messes, spills, and dirt from regular traffic and use can easily be wiped away or mopped up from ceramic and other surfaces. Once liquids and the tiniest particles of dirt reach the grout, they seep deep into the grout through small crevices and air pockets. Grout sits lower than the tile, which also helps to absorb and trap dirt and grime into the grout.

Can I Clean Grout by Myself?

There are many do-it-yourself cleaning and home improvement projects that you can handle by yourself. However, tile and grout cleaning is one area that takes a special kind of skill and knowledge of the right mixture of chemicals to safely and completely clean grout. Not all commercially-sold, extra-strength grout cleaners are the same, and many are not the all-natural or safe products they claim to be.

What Do Tile and Grout Cleaning Albuquerque Professionals Do?

The tile and grout cleaning specialists at ABQ Thoroclean use a powerful hot water vapor solution applied at just the right pressure to release the toughest stains deep inside your grout. Our technicians are thoroughly trained and certified tile and grout cleaners that use the safest and most effective chemicals and processes approved for your home.

Why Use Professional Grout Cleaning Services at ABQ Thoroclean?

Professional grout cleaning services at ABQ Thoroclean can get deeper into your grout to get the toughest stains. Benefits and features of having our team clean your grout include:

Remove Dirt Deep into Your Grout

Our professional cleaning crews use state-of-the-art equipment and the latest industry techniques to get deep inside your grout. We can access stains and residue that cannot be reached through scrubbing or mopping.

Protective Sealant Blocks Dirt, Bacteria

The process for the tile and grout cleaning services from ABQ Thoroclean includes an application of industrial-grade protective sealant that will keep out excess dirt and accompanying bacteria. The sealant will need to be reapplied over time as it will wear away over time.

Scrubbing Will Not Quite Do It

Even the strongest people using the most potent chemical compounds cannot reach and extract the deep stains that get into your grout. It may be a good workout, and you can get the outer layers of the grout looking shiny and clean, but the dirt, grime, and residue will remain deep inside.

Clean, Healthy Home

Dirt and grime in high moisture areas of your home become ideal breeding grounds for harmful bacteria and mold that can compromise your family and visitors’ health. We remove the bacteria your grout collects to help keep your home clean and healthy.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Albuquerque Trusts

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