Smart Strategies to Maintain Your Tile and Hardwood Floors and keep them Incredibly Clean

Your floors put up with a lot. The kids track in mud from playing outside. The dog’s nails leave scratches in the beautiful hardwood. You spill your morning coffee and don’t notice until it leaves a faint brown stain.

It’s so easy for your once-gorgeous floors to start looking dingy, dirty and just plain old worn out. But keeping your tile, hardwood, laminate and other hard surface floors looking amazing doesn’t have to completely take over your life.

If you have the right tools, techniques and habits, you can get your floors looking brand spanking new again without spending every waking minute on your hands and knees scrubbing.

Let’s dive in!

Create a Solid Preventative Cleaning Routine

An ounce of prevention is absolutely worth a pound of cure when it comes to keeping floors clean. Get into the habit of quick daily sweeping and thorough weekly vacuuming. For carpets and rugs, go over them with the vacuum twice a week to pick up dirt and hair before it gets ground in and becomes a stubborn stain.

For hard floors like wood, tile and laminate, dry mop or vacuum at least once a week. This regular maintenance stops dirt from accumulating in cracks and crevices and becoming caked-on grime.

Make cleaning quick and easy by keeping a small broom, dustpan and hand vac in areas that tend to get messy, like the kitchen and entryways. Set a reminder on your phone to sweep daily and vacuum weekly so you don’t forget. Your future self will thank you when you don’t have to scrub caked-on dirt and stains off the floors!

Use the Proper Supplies and Cleaners for Each Floor Type

Having the right tools and cleaners makes cleaning floors faster and more effective. Here’s your ultimate floor cleaning supply checklist:

Tile Floor Cleaning Supplies

  • Chamois mop – The slightly rough texture prevents pushing dirt into tile grout like a sponge mop does
  • Tile floor cleaner – Use a mild cleaner labeled safe for tile
  • Old toothbrush – For scrubbing grime from grout lines
  • Steam mop – The heat helps loosen stuck-on gunk and stains
  • Grout sealer – Seals grout lines to prevent staining

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Supplies

  • Microfiber mop – The soft fibers are gentle on wood floors
  • Hardwood floor cleaner – Avoid oil or wax-based products
  • Felt furniture pads – Prevent scratches from chair and table legs
  • Furniture sliders – Protects wood when moving heavy pieces

Laminate Floor Cleaning Supplies

  • Microfiber mop – Avoid string mops that require excess water
  • Laminate floor cleaner – Use sparingly to prevent seepage
  • Furniture sliders – Slide furniture instead of dragging across floors

Stone Floor Cleaning Supplies

  • Sealant – Seals natural stone to prevent stains
  • pH-neutral stone cleaner – Won’t etch or damage stone
  • Steam mop – Helps deep clean sealed stone tile
  • Grout brush – Scrubs grime out of grout lines

Stop Dirt at the Door

Don’t track in dirt and mud in the first place! Place removable, machine-washable doormats inside and outside all entryways. Ask people to remove their shoes when they enter your home. Instituting a shoes-off policy makes a huge difference in keeping floors dirt-free long-term. Keep a towel by the back door to wipe muddy paws after walks with the dog. Place a small rug in front of the kitchen sink to catch water splashes and drips too.

Blot Up Spills ASAP

Liquids left too long can permanently stain or even warp certain flooring types. Always keep cleaning supplies in each room. For carpet stains, blot immediately with a rag and carpet cleaner – it works better than laundry detergent.

For other floors, use a cleanser made specifically for that surface right away. Keep stain remover spray or wipes in your car and purse too. That way you can treat spills and stains on the go before they have time to set.

Use Rugs, Mats and Pads in High Traffic Areas

Besides cleaning, take steps to prevent excess wear and scratches. Use machine-washable doormats at exterior doors as mentioned. Place soft area rugs in heavily trafficked indoor zones to catch dirt.

The rugs protect your floors and are easier to clean. Put felt pads underneath all furniture legs to prevent scratches and dents. When moving furniture, use furniture sliders instead of dragging across the floors.

Call in the Pros for Deep Cleaning

Though regular maintenance keeps floors clean day-to-day, periodic deep cleaning is still important. Every year or two, hire professional carpet and floor cleaning services to come do a thorough deep clean.

They have powerful equipment and the right solutions to make floors look brand new again without harming them. Sit back and relax while they steam clean carpets, polish hardwood, descale tile and deep clean stone. It’s well worth the investment to keep your floors in tip-top shape long-term.

Extra Tips for Pet Owners

Pets can be hard on floors with muddy paws, nails scratches and accidents. Here are some extra tips for keeping floors clean when you have furry friends:

  • Keep nails trimmed to minimize scratches
  • Brush pets daily to minimize shed hair and dander
  • Clean up accidents right away with pet stain remover
  • Consider keeping pets out of rooms with carpet or delicate floors
  • Bathe and wipe paws often to reduce tracked-in dirt

Final Thoughts

Keeping floors clean definitely takes some effort, but doesn’t have to completely rule your life. Follow these floor care tips and tricks to maintain gorgeous, dirt-free floors without having to spend every free moment scrubbing.

  • Have the right supplies ready for each floor type
  • Stay on top of daily and weekly cleaning
  • Use preventative measures like mats and rugs
  • Clean spills quickly when they happen
  • Call in pros periodically for deep cleaning

What are your best tips for keeping floors clean but not letting it take over your life? Share your shortcuts and hacks in the comments below!Smart Strategies to Maintain Your Tile and Hardwood Floors and keep them Incredibly Clean

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