ThoroClean’s Albuquerque Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning Services are the Best—Here’s Why

Got carpets at your home or office that are looking grimy? Want to make them look fresh and new again? Hot water extraction cleaning – also called “steam cleaning” – is hands down the best wayThoroClean’s Albuquerque Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning Services are the Best—Here’s Why to clean carpets deeply.

ThoroClean is located in Albuquerque, NM and they do amazing hot water extraction carpet cleaning. This method beats out other ways of cleaning carpets when it comes to safety, how well it cleans, and keeping carpets clean longer.

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What is Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning?

Hot water extraction uses hot water to clean carpets super thoroughly. It’s sometimes called “steam cleaning” but no steam is actually used.

Here’s a quick walkthrough of how hot water extraction cleaning works:

First, the carpets get pre-treated with a cleaning solution. This pre-treatment starts breaking down stuck-on dirt and stains.

Next, hot water and cleaning solution get sprayed deep into the carpet fibers using powerful jets. The hot water and cleaning stuff break apart the dirt, gunk, and stubborn stains that are buried deep down in the carpet.

Finally, strong suction instantly sucks up the dirty water, dirt, and stains from the carpet. This leaves the carpets clean and practically dry.

Hot water extraction cleans carpets deeply by rinsing them with hot water and cleaning solution. The fast extraction keeps dirt and stains from settling back into the carpet.

Why You Should Choose Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning

Hot water extraction stands out as the most powerful carpet cleaning method. Here are some of the key reasons to choose hot water extraction cleaning for your carpets:

  1. Cleans Way Deeper

The hot water loosens up and dissolves dirt, while the pressurized spray lifts dirt and stains from way down in the carpet fibers.

Other methods only clean the surface of the carpet. With hot water extraction, soils and stains are completely removed, leaving a deeper clean.

  1. Clean Lasts Longer

Because hot water extraction takes out dirt, gunk, and stains from the base of the carpet, the clean carpets last longer.

With surface cleaning methods, dirt and junk stay stuck deep in the carpet, so the carpets get dirty again faster. With hot water extraction, you enjoy cleaner carpets for more time.

  1. Dries Fast

The immediate extraction of the dirty water allows carpets to dry in just a few hours after hot water extraction cleaning.

Other methods leave behind detergents and moisture that take way longer to dry. Leftover moisture can allow mold and mildew to grow in carpets.

  1. Safe for All Carpet Types

Hot water extraction is safe for all kinds of carpets. The pressurized hot water breaks up dirt without damaging or distorting the carpets.

Other cleaning methods use rubbing, scrubbing, or chemicals that can ruin delicate carpet fibers. Hot water extraction is gentle on carpets.

  1. Eco-Friendly

Professional hot water extraction uses green-certified solutions. Since very little water and detergent are used, there’s less wastewater.

Many other carpet cleaning methods use more water, harsher detergents, and little extraction. This produces more wastewater and is not as environmentally friendly.

Why ThoroClean is the Best for Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning

ThoroClean has provided awesome carpet cleaning services to homes and businesses across Albuquerque, NM for over 10 years. Their hot water extraction cleaning gives unbelievable results.

Here’s why you should pick ThoroClean as your professional hot water extraction cleaner:

Powerful Truck-Mounted Machines

ThoroClean uses potent truck-mounted carpet cleaning machines. These commercial-grade machines heat water to very high temps and deliver unbeatable cleaning power.

Portable machines often used by some carpet cleaners can’t match the performance of ThoroClean’s truck-mounted units.

Green-Certified Cleaning Solutions

ThoroClean uses green-certified, non-toxic cleaning solutions that are safe for families and the environment. Solutions are residue-free and rinse clean with water.

Other companies may use harsh chemicals that can leave sticky residue or cause high indoor air pollution. ThoroClean uses safe, eco-friendly solutions.

Highly-Trained Technicians

ThoroClean techs complete lots of classroom and hands-on training. They are certified experts in operating truck-mounted equipment and performing hot water extraction cleaning.

Many carpet cleaning companies have little formal training. ThoroClean techs are truly expert cleaners.

Advanced Stain Removal Products

For tough stains, ThoroClean techs have access to specialized spot removal solutions. These commercial-grade stain fighters can remove even the most stubborn stains other cleaners leave behind.

Customized Multi-Step Cleaning

No two carpets are the same. ThoroClean techs assess each carpet and choose the right combo of solutions and procedures to deep clean it.

The multi-step process includes pre-treating heavily soiled areas, specialized stain removal, and grooming the carpet pile after deep cleaning.

Complete Satisfaction Guarantee

ThoroClean offers an unconditional satisfaction guarantee on your carpet cleaning. If you are not 100% satisfied for any reason, ThoroClean will re-clean the affected area for free.

You can trust you’ll get fabulous results from ThoroClean’s hot water extraction carpet cleaning services.

Cleaner, Healthier Carpets are Just a Call Away

As you can see, hot water extraction done by ThoroClean provides the most powerful method for deep cleaning carpets.

Remove years of accumulated dirt, restore dingy and matted carpet fibers, and enjoy lasting cleanliness.

Contact ThoroClean today to schedule your hot water extraction carpet cleaning service. Mention this article and get 10% off as a new customer!

Call (505) 239-2468 or visit to request your carpet cleaning appointment and free quote.

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