Tile and Grout Cleaning – How to Keep Your Tile Shining

Tile and grout cleaning – How to Keep Your Tile ShiningOf all the household surfaces we work to keep clean, tile and grout can be one of the most difficult. Tile and grout cleaning has its own special set of concerns, and we tend to use tile in places where it gets dirty quickly, like in our floors and showers.

Shower tile, in particular, always seems to get dirty quickly. So, what can you do to keep your bathroom tile and grout looking its best?

Daily Tile and Grout Cleaning

Although it can be difficult to commit to, most experts recommend a daily wipe down for shower tile. Shower tile is consistently exposed to moisture, soap scum, and body oils. Some pros recommend a squeeze, some a microfiber cloth, some a sponge. The goal is the same: to remove moisture and surface gunk after you shower. While it seems inconvenient in the short term, a daily ritual like this will save you work in the long run.

Weekly or Bi-Weekly Tile and Grout Cleaning

Even with your daily wipe downs, some dirt will accumulate on your tile, and particularly on your grout, since it is typically more porous. You can use a brush along with a cleaner made from vinegar or hydrogen peroxide to scrub stains from your grout, but keep the following in mind:

  • Never use a metal brush, even brass, as it can scratch your tile and chip your grout.
  • Never use cleaners made from vinegar and hydrogen peroxide at the same time. Combining these chemicals can create a dangerous reaction.
  • Never use harsh chemical cleaners on your tile and grout, as they can cause stains and damage your grout.

Of course, the easiest way to get great looking tile and grout is to call the pros at Albuquerque Thoroclean. Their expert technicians use low-impact techniques to remove dirt and stains from tile and grout without risking damage. After your tile is restored to its original shine, they apply a sealant to your grout to keep it looking great.

With freshly cleaned tile and grout and good maintenance, your tile surfaces will look great for years to come! To learn more, check out our page on tile and grout cleaning.

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