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Let’s Talk Vacuum Cleaners

Admittedly, vacuum cleaners may not be high on your topic of conversation, nor may it be your most relished chore. Actually, my grandmother loved to vacuum. She also like to iron so maybe she shouldn’t count.

AnywaArea Rug Cleaningy, even if you don’t give a lot of thought to your vacuum cleaner think about this. A good machine can make cleaning easier and with proper care will last for years to come.

What do you look for in a vacuum – besides having it work itself automatically?

Try to stay away from the “disposable market”. These machines may be inexpensive but only last one to two years and are not very efficient. If I’m going to spend the time vacuuming I want my carpets to look like it and not still show dirt and pet hair in the fibers.

Test drive a few to see which ones are easier to handle. Some people prefer the canister style while others like the upright. Whatever your preference, a vacuum should work on multiple surfaces and come with attachments for cleaning tight corners, hard to reach places and furniture. It should not be a drudge to move around.

Do you want a vacuum with a disposable bag or one that is bagless? Bagless does not necessarily mean it will be less expensive to maintain. Most of the vacuums that do not require a bag do require you to replace filters on a regular basis. And though emptying a dirt cup may seem more convenient and easier, today’s traditional vacuum bags have become much simpler to remove and replace.

Keep in mind the type of floors you have in your home when choosing a vacuum cleaner. Rolling bristles are mainly for carpets. The roller brush is designed to agitate and loosen all the dust, dirt, pet hair and dander in the carpet fibers.

If you have mainly hard wood or tile flooring, check to see if your roller brush vacuum comes with the option to turn the roller brush off or lower its speed.

Make sure the vacuum you purchase is approved for use by your carpet manufacture company. If it is not approved and the machine damages your carpet your carpet warranty can be voided.

Vacuums should be maintained for optimal performance.

To keep your vacuum healthy and working properly, empty dirt cups and bags regularly. Check the filters and either replace them or wash them with hot, soapy water about every six month. Inspect the roller brushes for string or hair that can get wound around the roller brush or on the metal axle.

If your vacuum cleaner goes on the fritz, before you haul it to the dumpster have a professional check it out. Oftentimes, it is a simple matter of replacing a belt or a roller and they are fairly inexpensive to fix.

Burning smells and strange or elevated noises should also be looked at by a professional.

If your vacuum is not specified as a wet and dry vac do not vacuum wet or damp surfaces. This can clog your filters and brushes and cause mold to grow inside of your vacuum.

Vacuuming may not be your favorite chore, but with a good machine and proper care it can make a dirty job easier.

And every one to two years have your carpets, tile, grout and upholstery professionally cleaned by Thoroclean in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho area. No games, no gimmicks, just the cleanest carpet ever.