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We all trust Google for a lot of things, but when it comes to your flooring, be cautious of DIY hacks from strangers on the internet. Some of the so-called “hacks” for removing dirt and stains from wood and carpet will actually compromise the integrity of your flooring in Albuquerque, or in some cases ruin it.

Does furniture polish work on wooden floors?

When it comes to wooden floors you don’t want to damage the sheen on the polyurethane finish. You may be tempted to believe online tipsters who suggest that furniture polish, like Pledge, will make your wooden floors shiny and clean, but that is not the case. While we’re on this topic, you cannot clean your wooden floors with an excessive amount of water or steam cleaners. Wood and water do not mix! Additionally, oil soap cleaners like Murphy’s Oil Soap or Orange Glo will dull and damage the finish over time.

What about carpet hack fails?

Distilled vinegar mixed with water is a god send for most surfaces, even on wooden floors it is an awesome natural disinfectant. However, it is not an effective agent for removing dirt or stains in your carpet and may just impart the stench of vinegar in the fibers. Similarly, if you’re trying to use dish soap or hairspray to rub out dirt, just stop. The soap is going to leave a residue that will require professional attention, and the hairspray is going to turn into a sticky mess impossible to remove from your carpet. If you’re attempting these hacks to save money from a professional cleaning service, resist the urge now before it turns into an even more expensive one!

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