Top Tips on How to Make Your Carpet Last Longer


There are many reasons available for you to get carpets to your home. For example, they are available in numerous colors and styles. The cozy and soft feeling of carpets can make you feel heavenly. On the other hand, they trap pollen and dust to enhance air quality as well. During winter, you will love the comfort and warmth they provide.

Even though choosing to put carpet in your house can seem simple given these factors, the process of getting it done shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Carpets are a significant investment for your house. Considering that the average cost of new carpet is $5 per square foot (installation included), carpeting 1,500 square feet or more of your house will become expensive quickly.

Taking good care of your carpets can help them last longer, which is the greatest way to get the most out of your investment. The carpet in an average house must be changed every 12 years, but you can get a lot more use out of it if you follow these guidelines.

Vacuum Your Carpets

Regular dust, grime, and other household impurities are without a doubt the biggest danger to the longevity of your carpet. One of the most dependable methods to maintain the health and freshness of your carpet is to use a basic household vacuum on a regular basis. Vacuum your carpet at least once a week, but more often if you have dogs, messy children, or other dirt-magnets in your home.

Avoid Stains Before they Settle

Like most things, prevention is key to prolonging the life of your carpets in your house. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Even little actions like cleaning your feet every time you enter your house or removing your shoes before doing so can have a big impact.

However, stains from food and drinks, such as wine or soda, can also seriously damage the carpet in your house. These stains are in addition to regular dust and grime. Keep food and beverages in the kitchen, dining room, or other sections of your house without carpeting to help avoid spills and stains.

Act Quickly To Spot Clean

When it comes to food and wine stains, act quickly to remove them as soon as they appear. Before using a commercial spray or club soda as a spot cleanser, remove any leftover liquid and thoroughly clean the area. Being prepared and equipped to deal with spills as soon as possible will offer you the greatest chance of avoiding stains.

Rearrange Furniture and Change the Flow of Traffic

Carpets will eventually deteriorate due to foot traffic friction, even in the absence of dust and grime. In carpeted areas, you can more equally apply wear by changing the furniture on a regular basis (if at all feasible). This will alter the foot traffic pattern. Pile crushing caused by table, couch, and chair legs can be minimized by rearranging furniture.

Minimize Direct Sunlight Exposure On Your Carpets

Given the long-term effects of UV radiation on skin, it is well knowledge that sunscreen is beneficial to human health. However, were you aware that sunlight can also be damaging to your carpets? Your carpeting’s colors will gradually and often unevenly fade if it is exposed to direct sunshine via windows, doors, and skylights.

Use window film, awnings, blinds, curtains, or other UV-blocking materials to try to minimize the amount of direct sunlight your carpets are exposed to.

Get a Skilled Carpet Cleaner

In the end, hiring a professional will sometimes be necessary if you really want to give your home’s carpets the greatest care possible. While regular cleaning and upkeep of your home’s carpets certainly helps, you’d be surprised at the impact that years of knowledge and commercial-grade equipment can have.

Expert carpet cleaning services provide a thorough, in-depth cleaning that ordinary vacuum cleaners just cannot match. The deep-set dust, grime, and stains that gradually weaken the fibres of your carpet can be removed with routine professional cleaning.

In summary, one of the greatest, most dependable methods to prolong the life of your carpets and provide years of delight for you and your family is via expert cleaning.


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